What does bbbmeetings do?

bbbmeetings is a platform for managing and holding online classes and meetings. bbbmeetings in Farudin 2019, with the start of the Corona situation and in order to facilitate the communication between professors and students, online and having an infrastructure based on image and sound transmission and the required media files, a whiteboard that can meet the standards of an environment provide suitable for teaching and started working by localizing virtual communication software.


Which of your personal information do we collect and why?
1- Registration

In order to register in the classroom, information such as your name and surname will be collected to be displayed when you enter the class or online session and your mobile number to authenticate your identity, which will also act as a username. When you forget your password or things you need We will use your mobile number for authentication to access your account. Also, if you want to know about the latest announcements or bbbmeetings discounts or have the charge invoice for your plans, you can enter your email address for us in the user account settings section.

2- Online class/meeting information

Information such as the name of the class, the passwords of the classes / the names of the participants / the recorded videos of the classes are stored in the bbbmeetings.

3- Media

If you upload your images to the Clasinar website and application, uploading images should not be accompanied by geographic location data (EXIF GPS). Website visitors may be able to download and extract location information from images on the Website. Also, your profile pictures are publicly visible on the website, so be careful in choosing your pictures.


Who we share your information with

Your information in Klasinar will not be shared with another platform, system, organization, etc. and will be kept with Klasinar except in special cases.

In special cases, including judicial cases that have been made at the request of the judicial authority, the information stated in this document will be provided to the judicial authority.


How long do we keep your information?

Your user information will be stored in bbbmeetings for life unless we receive an official request to delete the information from the bbbmeetings subscriber.


Where do we send your data?

Visitor comments may be screened through an automated spam detection service.


How we protect your information

The security of users’ information in Klasinar is created by coding based on information security, and the hardware infrastructure of Klasinar is placed on Milad Tower data center, which includes appropriate hardware and software firewalls.

Your important information including (name and surname, mobile number, e-mail) is kept safe and secure in bbbmeetings. Your password is stored encrypted (hash).